Five Ways to Prepare a Patio for Autumn

Fall brings cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and beautiful rustic colors, and a patio is the perfect space to reflect this bountiful atmosphere. Homeowners should consider five easy tips to enjoy their patio space during fall.


Match the patio space to the fall atmosphere by adding floral arrangements, such as perennials, and other decorative elements, like pumpkins and hay. Decorations like scarecrows or Halloween-inspired items can add excitement for the coming fall holidays.


Lighting is an affordable and easy way to change the atmosphere of a space. To create a cozy fall mood, try warmer-colored bulbs or string lights to brighten the space as the days become shorter.


If storage space is available, switch out the patio furniture for options that reflect the change in weather. Change out bright-colored cushions and accessories for warmer tones to reflect the changing colors of the leaves.


Cooler weather doesn’t mean the outdoor patio space cannot still be enjoyed. Add warm blankets to the furniture or even a fire pit if there’s space to allow family and friends to continue to enjoy fresh air further into the season.


Once preparations are complete, host a social event with family and friends that invites them to enjoy the fall atmosphere of the patio. Nothing helps make a fresh space feel warmer than sharing it with others.

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