Choosing the Right Hardscape Materials

Hardscaping is the foundation of any yard. To create hardscapes, use built-in benches, garden beds, walls, decks, patios, and paths. When picking the materials, however, there are some factors to consider.

Here are a few essential tips for choosing hardscape materials:


Each home has a style that suits specific hardscaping options. A modern house, for example, will look great if polished concrete is used. In contrast, a cobblestone pathway makes more sense in rustic-style homes. Consider the architectural design before making a choice. The hardscape will look better when it blends in with the surroundings.


The climate is a critical determinant for hardscape materials. Some materials do well under freezing temperatures. Since hardscapes are installed outdoors, pick materials that withstand the elements. Some materials can be coated to prepare them for outdoor use. A landscaping expert can help when making these important decisions.


While aesthetics are crucial, one should not compromise on durability. Bricks and natural stones are resilient and attractive and last many years without replacement. Metallic materials may include attractive designs and coatings to protect them and enhance outdoor beauty. Always consider hardscapes as an investment and pick high-quality options.


Every material used has unique maintenance needs. Pavers and concrete don’t need as much maintenance compared to materials like wood. Picking wood means regular sealing to avoid deterioration. However, wood is more aesthetically appealing, making the maintenance efforts worthwhile.


For many homeowners, price is an important factor. Materials such as slate and bluestone are more expensive than gravel and concrete. Weigh the budget and work with what is affordable. Be sure to consider the maintenance costs involved as well.


Choosing paving materials depends on personal preferences. Bark and gravel are commonly used when a relaxed underfoot feeling is desired. Oyster shells and recycled rubber offer the same effect. Gravel tends to drain better and may be the best option if the weather is predominately wet.


Many homeowners pick wood. The main challenge is maintaining the material, especially during wet winters. If this is the ideal choice, homeowners should be ready to seal and stain the wood regularly to retain its original look. Note that the frequency will depend on sun exposure.


With many materials available, homeowners may have difficulty picking the best option for the property. The best thing here is to get in touch with a professional company. They can offer guidance regarding which materials work best. Find experts with adequate experience in the field for the best advice.

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