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It is the dream of practically every Tennessee homeowner to have a beautiful yard that would complement the design of their house. However, not many people realize that there are actually a lot of tedious and complicated steps to take in order to turn this dream into reality.

Landscaping is not just about laying sod and deciding where to put your flowerbeds. To give you an idea of the intricate procedures that go into the art of landscape design, here is a quick overview.

A Brief Introduction to Landscaping


While landscape design is technically an art, there are also a lot of practical issues to take into consideration. For starters, functionality is very important, especially since space is always at a premium these days. You need to make sure that every area of the landscape serves a purpose or contributes to the overall function of the yard.

Sustainability is also something to contemplate. Not many people have the luxury of time for meticulously tending their yard on a regular basis. This is why professional landscape designers today create outdoor plans that are rather low maintenance and not that hard to sustain. In other words, professional landscape designs make it easier for you to maintain a beautiful looking garden without exerting too much effort.

There are a lot of elements that play a part in landscaping design but these can all be classified as either hardscape or softscape.

Hardscape Design


Basically, these are all the non-living components of a landscape. A stone wall, a walkway, a fountain, a trellis and other such structures are some of the popular hardscapes that you can install in your yard. The choice of hardscape should complement the living elements that are the main parts of the landscape.

Softscape Design


The opposite of hardscape, softscape elements are the living part of the landscape. In other words, they are plants. Choosing the plants for a landscape can be a lot of fun but it can also be tricky, considering the vast selection available. Experts can give you advice on which plants would be most suitable for your space.

Benefits of Professional Landscaping


The main reason why people even consider doing their own landscaping is, let’s admit it, the cost. Not that it’s extremely expensive but the general mindset is why pay for something that you can do yourself? It’s actually not that simple. Before you go out and start tilling your backyard, here are some important benefits that you can enjoy by hiring a professional landscape designer.

It is done right the first time. If you let professionals handle the job, there will be no mistakes which can be very expensive and time-consuming to repair.

There is efficient drainage. Tennessee gets quite a bit of rainfall so it is particularly important for Nashville TN landscaping to have efficient drainage. Professionals have the necessary skills and equipment to do this with ease.

The principles of landscaping are followed. Believe it or not, there are such things as the law of significant enclosure, regulating line, golden rectangle, and other concepts for creating a better landscape. You may not have an idea what they mean but they are very important and experts know them like the back of their hand.

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