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Nashville weather is perfect for outdoor activities because the summers are pleasantly warm and winters are mild. Overall, the climate is just right for entertaining friends or for simply relaxing with your family on the weekends or at the end of a long day at work. This is exactly the reason why property owners all over Nashville are building outdoor living spaces in their backyards as an extension of their home.

The idea of building your own outdoor living space is very exciting. However, there are numerous issues to take into consideration and a lot of possible hurdles that you can encounter. Because of this, many people opt to hire a professional contractor instead of attempting to do the job themselves.

If you are searching for someone to help you with your project, just take a look at the list of landscaping companies Nashville has to offer. This list is quite substantial and you will be pleased to see that most of the choices are highly recommended and completely qualified.

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Popular Elements of Outdoor Living Spaces


The most basic backyard living area would simply have some chairs and a table and that’s about it. While you can certainly have a relaxing time in such a simple setup, there are actually a lot of elements you can add to your outdoor living space to make it more comfortable, more sophisticated, or better fit for entertaining. Here are some of the great additions that you can include in your arrangement.

Outdoor Fireplace


Although the winters in Nashville are not as cold as in other parts of the country, it can get pretty chilly at times. What better way to warm up than a beautiful outdoor fireplace.

Most Nashville landscape companies will be able to build you a customized fireplace based on your specifications, if you so wish. But if you want your fireplace set up sooner, you can simply choose from a selection of prefab that can be quickly delivered and installed in your backyard.


Outdoor Fire Pit


Many people actually prefer the fire pit over the conventional fireplace because it looks better suited for the outdoors. It’s like having your own campfire right there in your backyard.

Whether your space is big or small, we can have a customized fire pit built for you that is just the right size for your area. Typical fire pits are built from stone or bricks. With these materials, the fire pit will not only be functional but also add to the architectural beauty of your backyard.




Pergolas are archways, usually meant to be covered by climbing plants or flowering vines. In a backyard landscape, pergolas are placed over the outdoor living space and serves as a canopy to provide shade and protection, as well as to clearly define the living area. They are typically made of wood.


Patios are paved areas in the backyard, usually adjoining the main house and used to contain the outdoor living area. Typically, patios are paved with concrete but you can also use tiles, bricks or even gravel.

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