Maintaining a Lawn in Autumn

Lawns typically thrive in the spring and summer but deteriorate during autumn as the weather becomes cooler. However, there are steps that homeowners can take to help maintain their yards during the autumn months to keep their grass looking fresh and green.


After a warm summer, the grass may need to be aerated and fertilized to help it stay strong during winter. An aeration machine digs small holes in the ground that allow more oxygen to enter the soil, causing the grass to better receive nutrients from rain and fertilizer.

After aeration, the grass needs to be fertilized. Fertilizer has a mix of essential elements that help the grass maintain nutrients to keep it strong as the weather cools. The prior aeration allows the fertilizer to seep into the ground and dirt, ensuring that the grass fully benefits and that the fertilizer is not blown away by wind.


After the hot spring and summer months, the remaining soil is likely dry and nutrient-depleted. Laying down fresh soil replenishes these vitamins and nutrients and should be applied whenever new seeds are planted, as this assists the seeds in cultivating healthy grassroots.


The fall season is also a great time to coat the grass with new seeds. While existing grass develops its seeds, it’s often not enough to replenish the lawn after winter. A clean coating of healthy seed early on helps the grass to grow extra lush and green in the springtime. Around the winter, the new seeds start to expand, and by spring, they are ready to grow into a robust and abundant lawn.

When shopping for seeds, there are various types and styles to consider. Some seed packages contain a blend of high-quality seed, while others may entail a mixture of standard grass styles. Every strain of grass caters to a different environment and lawn style, so prior research or consulting a professional can help make the process more manageable.


Edging is a lawn care practice that cuts a deep trench around the grass, helping keep it in its designated spot and preventing overgrowth. An edging tool can be rented from most hardware stores and is a relatively straightforward process that keeps a lawn looking fresh and maintained.

Proactively caring for the soil and grass is the best way to maintain a green and nutritious lawn throughout the autumn months. These lawn care tips can assist any homeowner in developing a vibrant and healthy lawn.

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