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Imagine looking outside your window and seeing a vast expanse of healthy green grass in your beautifully landscaped yard. What could be more relaxing? Indeed, a lush lawn is a vital part of an attractive Nashville landscape and we’re proud to say that we have highly-skilled experts that can do a professional job of laying sod for you. Contact us for your sod in Nashville needs.

Professional Sod Installation

At Prestige Landscape Company, we pride ourselves in our meticulous sod installation process.

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Site Preparation


We begin the process by inspecting the site and making sure that the ground is in the best condition for the growth of the new grass. Our team will remove any weeds or grass on the area to be covered. The soil will undergo thorough aeration and be nourished with fertilizer to ensure that it can sustain the new grass. We will also assess the area for sufficient drainage. This is very important for the prevention of unnecessary puddles and sinkholes that can eventually cause root rot.

 Installing Sod in Nashville TN


Only when everything has been thoroughly checked and prepared will we begin the actual sod installation procedure. Our sod installation team makes use of highly advanced equipment and a very systematic technique for laying out the new sod. This guarantees that the new grass will adjust perfectly in its new location.

Lawn Maintenance

After the laying out process, we will come back periodically to make sure that the grass is growing as it should. We will also fertilize the area to further boost the health and vitality of the new lawn.

The process may be quite meticulous but we assure you that we will accomplish each step with the utmost professionalism. Truly, there are no shortcuts if you want to have the best Nashville landscaping.


Advantages of Sod versus Seed

There are two main methods of how to get a nice lawn for your yard. First is by installing sod and the other is by growing your own grass by planting seeds. For many property owners, the obvious choice is to go for sod installation, as it has a long list of advantages.

Immediate Results

Right after the sod has been laid out, you will already be able to see the beginnings of a beautiful lawn. Of course, it will take a while before you can walk on it or before it looks as lush as you had envisioned. Still, the final results will appear faster than if you choose to plant seeds, in which case it would take several days or weeks for the grass to grow.

Less Weed Growth


At Prestige Landscape Company, we use high quality, certified sod that has very few weeds, if any. If you plant your own grass seed, there’s a good chance that weed seeds may find their way into the soil and even compete with the grass as they grow.

Quick Establishment

The roots of high-grade sod take very little time to completely establish themselves in their new location. Once the grass has adjusted, you can walk on your lawn, use it for entertaining, or have your kids and pets play on it as they wish. With seed-grown grass, it would take much longer before any of this can happen.

All things considered, it is a much better option to go for professional sod installation. If you get in touch with us at Prestige Landscape Company, our Nashville lawn care experts can help you get started.

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