The Practicality of Raised Flower Beds

Raised flower beds are a pleasant design feature in any landscape. Nearly anything can be planted within these beds, giving the area much functionality. Whether trees, bushes, or flowers, these beds can be versatile for any landscaping. While raised flower beds add an alluring touch to a landscape, there is more to these constructs than most people realize.


Raised flower beds have less chance of collecting debris and objects that may blow into the yard, as the raised walls act as a barrier between the beds and the ground. While this debris may collect on the side of the bed, there is less to clean out of the flowers and bushes.


Rather than bending over the ground to pull weeds, raised flower beds allow gardeners to sit on the edge of the bed and comfortably remove weeds. Additionally, raised beds are less likely to accumulate weeds, as it’s more challenging for the seeds to invade the soil.


Sniffing, digging, and urination from dogs are some of the most common ways gardens are damaged or destroyed. Raised beds help to prevent dogs from damaging or destroying the plants, as most dogs are unable or unwilling to reach the flower beds. Dogs are known for killing plant life with urine, so keeping them away from gardens can help the plants live longer.


A raised flower bed has less chance of being trampled by children than gardens planted at ground level. Playing children can demolish a flower bed if they walk or ride a bike through it. While it may be an accident, the risks are still high but can be easily avoided with a raised flower bed.


Ground-level flower beds can easily experience flooding, whether from nature or human design. Raised flower gardens can be designed to spill off excess water to prevent flowers from drowning, increasing the longevity of the flowers. Areas that experience heavy rainfall can significantly benefit from a raised flower bed.

When developing plans for how to organize a yard, keep in mind the surrounding elements. While building for aesthetics is the primary goal, planning for practicality is essential. Raised flower beds provide both, making them an excellent option for any landscape design.

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