Fall Pool Maintenance Tips

Fall is the best time to prepare the pool for winter. When temperatures drop, it’s the perfect time to work out a maintenance routine through the colder seasons.

Here are some pool maintenance tips for the fall season:


Remove any toys left lying around inside or near the pool area. Clean the deck, brush the tiles, and use the pool vacuum to remove dirt or debris.


Cleaning in the fall involves leaf removal. If leaves are left to accumulate, they encourage algae to thrive. Algae will eventually clog the pool pump. A cluttered pool is never pleasant and detracts from swimming enjoyment. Some leaves sink to the bottom of the pool, staining the floor. Plant debris in the pool also spells trouble. The best thing is to clean the skimmer baskets often and skim the leaves from the water.


A cover will reduce cleaning time and maintenance if trees are close to the pool. A pool cover protects it from environmental elements as well. Use durable materials that are designed to handle extreme temperatures and snowfall.


If the pool is used heavily over the summer, consider cleaning the pool filter. With the lower temperatures and debris from the foliage, a clean filter is a good way to start the season. Doing so keeps the water safe, clear, and clean. It also prevents the growth of bacteria.

Filters are usually on top of the inlet pipe and are positioned to stop minerals, grit, and dirt from getting into the pool. A filter keeps the pool in top working condition regardless of the season.


For a swimming pool to last, maintain it and ensure it’s always in the best condition. Address any small cracks on the floor, sides, or stairs. If left unattended, they encourage bacteria growth and may cause water loss. During the cold season, water freezes in the cracks and deepens and widens them. Eventually, they become a huge problem that’s expensive to fix.


To keep the pool comfortable in the fall, adjust the heating cycle, especially if the pool is used throughout the year. Keep the energy costs down by covering the pool at night.


Keeping the swimming pool well-maintained through fall and winter pays off eventually. In spring, there will be much less to do in terms of maintenance. For a sustainable and functional swimming pool, contact a professional landscaping specialist. Cleaning and maintaining the pool becomes much easier when professionals are involved. The experts can customize in-ground pools to reduce maintenance while boosting functionality.

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