Benefits of Planning Landscaping in Winter

There are many benefits to planning landscaping several months in advance. Speaking to a landscaper well before starting a project allows for a reasonable time to plan, budget, and finalize the design. Winter is the most advisable time to start working on a project, as it allows plenty of time to consider and schedule the most critical factors of a landscaping project.


Planning landscaping work several months in advance allows for more time to organize finances and budget appropriately so that there is no panic of under-budgeting. Landscaping in winter provides time to factor in other costs, such as buying new plants and accessories to complement the new landscaping work.


The design process takes time and careful consideration to ensure the style matches the home’s aesthetics, so it should be started as soon as possible. If driveway work is in the plan, consult with the landscaper about the available options and what kind of materials may best fit the style of the home. If uncertain about design ideas, asking neighbors who have done recent work or the landscapers for recommendations can inspire.


Planning landscaping early in the winter means that there will be plenty of options when scheduling. By booking the work in advance, more dates are available to work around prior arrangements such as school holidays or vacations.


Another great reason to plan landscaping in winter is to be able to find the right landscaper for the job. The company must understand the homeowner’s needs, property, and values. Consider a company’s previous work and standards to ensure they share the same vision of the final product.