Residential Landscaping


Are you tired of the same old yard that you have had for years? Has your landscape grown dull and not as relaxing as it once was? Do you feel you need an upgrade or maybe even a complete renovation of your outdoor space? If so, that’s what we are here for.

With our residential landscaping services, we can give you the perfect yard you have always dreamed about. Just tell us the kind of vision that you have for your outdoor space and we will be happy to turn that vision into reality.

Front Yard Landscaping


One of the main reasons for having a front-yard is to add to the beauty and value of a home. Here at Prestige Landscape Company, we have professional landscape designers and architects who can turn any outdoor space into a garden paradise that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Our team can work with any kind of front yard design. Whether you want a sleek modern yard or a rustic country garden, we can definitely do the job for you. By the time we are done with your front yard, your property will have possibly the best landscaping in Nashville TN.

Backyard Landscaping


Many Tennessee backyards these days are quite plain, with just grass, maybe a table and a couple of chairs, and pretty much nothing else. Backyards are supposed to be venues for relaxation and entertainment. If you want to give your space a makeover, all you have to do is give our backyard team a call.

We can help you create a backyard with traditional stone landscaping, peaceful water fountains and ponds, a variety of colorful flora, or even fruit-bearing trees. We can even install an outdoor living space or kitchen and turn your plain backyard into the perfect entertainment venue for your friends and family.

Even if you don’t require a complete overhaul of your outdoor space, we still have specialized services to offer.



We can install efficient and state-of-the-art irrigation systems in your yard to keep your landscape well-maintained. We have manual sprinkler irrigation systems that you can turn on and off whenever you need to. We also have fully automated systems that will keep your yard taken care of despite your busy lifestyle.

Lawn Maintenance and Turf Management

Prestige Landscaping will not only create an oasis for you but we will also make sure that your lawn stays in tiptop condition at all times. We have a lawn maintenance crew that can visit your property weekly, monthly or on a seasonal basis, depending on your needs. We will mow, weed, and fertilize your lawn and keep it looking beautiful for a very affordable cost.



Aeration and Overseeding


It takes more than just watering, mowing, and weeding to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. Professional landscapes look the way they do because of the extra effort that goes into their maintenance. Aeration and overseeding are integral processes for this type of lawn upkeep and we are fully capable of doing these for you.

Tree Trimming

Trees and bushes are naturally beautiful but as they grow, they can clutter up your yard. We have professionals that you can call to do some trimming if your plants start to get out of control.

Here at Prestige Landscaping, we accept all kinds of residential landscaping projects, whether big or small. We will listen carefully to all your ideas and do our best to provide exactly what you want. At the same time, our experts can offer advice on how to maximize the functionality and efficiency of your space while still taking your preferences into consideration.

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