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Plants are usually the star of the show in any landscape. People’s eyes are immediately drawn to the colorful flowers and the majestic trees that make up a significant part of the landscaping. But once the sun sets, the daylight fades and the beauty of the greenery remains hidden until the following morning. If you want your yard to be beautiful during both day and night, there is an easy solution and that is to install outdoor lighting.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting


There is a lot more to gain from outdoor lighting than simply brightening up your garden during the night. There are also a number of functional advantages you can enjoy.

Ensures safety in the dark

Crooks are much less likely to break into your property if the yard is adequately lit. Even the simplest kind of outdoor lighting can be your first line of defense against potential invaders.

Makes it easier to move around


Even if you know the exact placement of each stone in your yard, it can still be difficult to find your way safely in total darkness. Thus ample lighting is very practical for easier walking around as well as for avoiding possible accidents.

Allows for evening or nighttime entertaining

A Nashville backyard is the perfect venue for entertaining friends and family, especially during the summer months. A nice set of outdoor lighting can definitely improve the ambiance for your guests.



Increases the aesthetic value of the property


A well-lit yard will be very attractive to passers-by at night. During the day, you can also use outdoor lighting to spruce up your yard by choosing fixtures with an ornate design. Even if the lights are not turned on, the structures themselves would also be a nice point of interest in the yard.

Most Nashville landscaping services include the installation of outdoor lighting among their offerings. It is advisable to seek the help of these professionals when installing lighting for your yard for the purpose of safety and time-efficiency. These experts can also give you valuable advice on which kinds of lighting would work best for your property.

Different Kinds of Outdoor Lighting

Our collection of outdoor lighting solutions at Prestige Landscape Company is broad and diverse. We have options for all kinds of landscapes and all kinds of budgets.

Solar Lighting


This is one of the least expensive options because it doesn’t require electricity or a complicated installation process. For areas that receive direct sun exposure, all you have to do is stick the fixture into place and you’re good to go. For shady parts, you will need to wire the lights to a solar panel which will act as the power source.

Low-Cost Voltage Lighting

These are pretty much like ordinary light bulbs that anyone with some handy skills can install. But if you want to use the lights for aesthetic reasons or to create a dramatic effect on your yard, it would be better to hire the services of a professional team to make sure the job is well done.

No matter what kind of lighting you choose, there is no question that it can add great value to your property. For advice on the selection and installation process, you can send us a message at Prestige Landscape Company and our team will be more than happy to lend you a hand.

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