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All landscapes are composed of a number of components. There is the lawn, the bushes and the trees, as well as the walkways, the arches, and so on. The living elements in the yard, which are the plants, are called softscapes while most of the non-living elements fall under the hardscapes category.

The choice of hardscapes in any landscape should complement the plants and trees in the area. While there is no hard rule that tells which elements go with each other, you do need to have a keen eye to tell which combinations are aesthetically pleasing yet functional at the same time.

It can be a challenge to find landscaping companies in Nashville with the capability to provide you really good hardscapes options that will enhance the look of your yard. Here at Prestige Landscape Company, we have a broad selection of premium hardscapes for the different areas of your outdoor space. In fact, we offer the finest natural rocks and landscaping stone Nashville has to offer.

Retaining Walls


These are very common structures that you can see in practically every residential landscaping in Nashville. Retaining walls keep the soil contained in a planting area. The most popular retaining walls are made of stone and brick. We also offer other kinds like reinforced soil walls, gravity walls, and a variety of hybrid systems of walling.


These are actually among the first things that people encounter as they pass in front of your property. Unfortunately, sidewalks are rarely noticed. You can draw attention to your sidewalk simply by choosing some nice hardscape materials for it. Flat stonework is a popular choice as they have a classic and elegant look, and also work well with any kind of landscape design.



The shape of your walkway, as well as the materials used for it, contributes much to the overall appearance of your front yard or backyard.  In Nashville landscaping stone is the most popular material for walkways. Brick and concrete are also quite common, while some property owners prefer gravel paths that are said to have a softer look.

Pool Patios


If you live in Nashville and have a spacious backyard, it makes perfect sense to install a pool patio. It is particularly important to hire a professional landscaping team when you install a pool patio. This way, the pool will blend seamlessly with the rest of the landscape design instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Water Features


Fountains and ponds may seem like living elements because of the flowing water. However, it is really not alive so it is certainly included among the hardscapes. Our collection of water features is very diverse and includes nothing but the highest quality fountains made of stone, ceramic or clay pots.

Choosing the right hardscapes may be tricky sometimes. Enlist the services of our landscape design experts who can help you choose the right pieces that will be most suitable for your yard.


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